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About Stars and Colors

Star Rating:

Star ratings are pretty simple. The more stars the more I like and think the article and ergo, the more I think you should read it. 

Got it?


Red: Alert. This means it is a hot story and a new story you need to get up to date on. Red = hot

Blue: This will be the second line of a headline in Italics. The subhead is what the professionals call it. Its my comment on the story or the headline. Usually it will be a bit snarky or humorous. You might agree or disagree with these words, its ok. I try to be as even handed about crazy headlines as possible.Its just that some stories and headlines are to attractive not to mock. Others are to important to just leave you with the headline

That's pretty simple. No?

Write me at ananomouse@1701wire.com anytime you feel I have crossed a limit or just want to talk. I am here, I am real, I am a free man and intend to stay that way.


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